As a small business, you usually depend heavily on referrals when you’re getting started. However, once social media is in the mix, it becomes a lot easier to gain more. We have come up with 3 easy ways that you can grow your business through social media.

Engage with loyal customers

Customers love when they feel exclusive to your company. The more you interact with the people that give you the most business, they will want to help you grow your business more. Be in constant contact with them and have them share your posts and even give positive testimonials. Social media allows your customers to give referrals on a lot of different mediums, so give them a good reason to do just that.

Offer incentives

Have your followers retweet or share your information on social media and offer them special discounts or prizes if they do. It will be a win-win situation because while your customers are sharing the information, your audience is increasing while your customers are happy with the incentives. This gives you a chance to grow while maintaining the relationships you have currently.

Give good customer service

Yes, I know this sounds obvious. However, people will only refer you to their friends and family if you did a good job with their project. So you need to make sure that you provide above and beyond customer service every day. This also means thanking your customers and replying to them on social media sites. People will give you good reviews on their own social media sites and the followers that see it will automatically think highly of you.

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